About Us

The Bookstore was one of the pioneering department which stated operation in 1969,
the year Assumption University was established. Then, it sold handouts, textbooks and stationeries
to students, faculty and staff members, a service which received a very good response from its customers.
From a small office in Hua Mark campus it branched out to Suvarnabhumi campus.
The official opening of its Suvarnabhumi branch was on 17 March 2000. It has also expanded services to selling only AU textbooks
but also textbooks from local publishers and overseas at reasonable prices.
Presently, the Bookstore has expanded its services to accommodate to the needs of students, faculty and staff members, etc.
Our Service
– Textbook
– Handouts
– Notebooks / pad papers
– Stationery
– AU Souvenirs
– New papers
– AU uniform and accessories
– Registration forms
– Gift items
– Gown for faculty members and graduating students